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11. P3-IND Light Duty Stapling Plier
A light duty plier stapler for general purpose office or industrial use.
12. HSP-12 Stapling Plier
Heavy duty plier stapler similar in function and application to Rapid 31, or Salco P694
13. MPL3-BS Bag Sealing Stapling Plier
An Industrial quality stapling plier that incorporates a specially designed forked blade suited for plastic bag sealing.  Also used in the Veterinary Industry.  Uses Markwell P3 or L3 type staples
14. P6C-6 or P6C-8 Stapling Plier
A durable industrial stapling plier that uses STH or STCR staples.
15. SP-3 Stapling Plier
Institutional staple plier using SP-19 type staples
16. JY-250A Stapling Plier
A durable general purpose stapling plier that uses 24/4-8, 26/6-8 and /or standard office staples, both 1/4" and 5/16" sizes.
17. MB-8 Heavy Duty Fine Wire Stapling Plier
For the Dry Cleaner and Florist Industries, as well as Office use.  Uses B-8 (STCR2115 -1/4") staples
18. MPL-EG Carpet Edge Guide for Stapling Pliers
An Edge-Guide attachment that can be used on ALL Markwell heavy duty stapling pliers - MPL3 series, MPL4 series, MPL6 series and MB8
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