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1. Banding - Aluminum
Aluminum banding - In hard-to-find 3/4" width, 200 ft rolls, plus applicable wing-seals
2. Baling WireBaling
Common lengths and gauges always available:

8 ft x 15 Ga;  10 Ft x 14 Ga;  14 ft x 12 Ga;  16 ft x 13 Ga

3. Plastic Bags
Clear polyethylene bags and biodegradable bags  - commonly used in the Insulation Industry and recycling industry.
4. Tool Oil
Tool oil for use in pneumatic tools, specially formulated not to harm o-rings.
5. Spray Adhesive
Specially formulated aerosol spray adhesive. No CFC's.
6. Silicon Release Spray
Specially formulated aerosol silicon release spray. No CFC's.
7. Price Marking Guns and Labels
Full range of Price Marking guns (various manufacturers) and both plain and custom printed labels
8. Plastic Oil Can
Plastic oil can, can be used with PVC and other adhesives
9. #150 Marking Crayon
#150 soft Marking Crayon for general purpose industrial marking. Permanently writes on all surfaces, dry and wet.
10. Carton Staple Remover
Wide crown carton staple remover.
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