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1. 20/22 Round Head Nails, Plastic Strip
20/22 round head nails, plastic strip, universally applicable to most tools using round headed plastic strip collated nails.
2. 28 Clipped Head Nails, Wire Strip
28 clipped head nails, wire strip applicable to most tools using clipped head wire collated nails.
3. 31/34 Clipped Head Nails Tape Strip
31/34 clipped head nails tape strip for use in most tools designed for these nails.
4. 15 Round Head Nails, Wire Coil
15 round head nails, wire coil. For use in Atro Roll, Bostitch, Hilti, Hitachi, Senco coil nailers.
5. Roof Coil Nails
Wire collated galvanized coil nails for roofing applications.
6. Dry Wall Screws
Coarse threaded dry wall screws, Philips head.
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