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1. Hand Stretch Wrap
  A full range of widths and gauges, for both hand and machine applications.
2. Marking Pens
  A comprehensive range of dye and paint markers.  Hard-to-find products

3. Carton Staple Remover
Wide crown carton staple remover.
4. #150 Marking Crayon
#150 soft Marking Crayon for general purpose industrial marking. Permanently writes on all surfaces, dry and wet.
5. Carton Reducer
  An inexpensive method of custom-sizing cartons for secure shipping.  Fitted with a safety blade cover, is easy to adjust and use.
6. Labels - Custom and Stock
Full selection of self-adhesive labels, custom printed or stock, and label dispensers


7. Stenciling, Marking and Coding Systems
 A full range of hard-to-find stenciling products: Stencil board, cutting machines, fountain rollers, hand stencils, conveyor line printers, coders. etc.
8. Taping Machines
Manual and Electric tape dispensers
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