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Dykem Action Markers



This dye based Action Marker is an excellent solution to your "quick dry" ink marker needs. It features a replaceable fiber tip. Works well on smooth surfaces such as corrugated, aluminum, plastic, glass, rubber and more.

Marks will not smudge or rub off.  6 to 8 times the writing life of most other capillary markers of comparable size. Ink dries in 45 seconds to 1 minute.


Colors: Black (stock). Blue, Green, Red available on special order.

Texpen Markers Ball Point Paintmarker 

Easily makes sharply defined

bright marks on any type of metal


surface. Withstands oil, grease,

and rubbing without losing legibility

or brightness. Precision stainless

steel ball mechanics. Rugged

aluminum body. Rubber bulb flow

control. High Visibility. Mark cold

surfaces, oily surfaces. Can be used to permanently mark glass, concrete, lumber, plywood, plastic pipes, plastic laminates, concrete and paper products. Available in fine and medium point size as well with hi-purity and high temperature inks. 


Colors: Black, red, blue, green, orange, white and yellow




Mark Tex Dalo Markers Ball Point Paintmarker

This permanent paint marker has

a higher paint capacity than the

Texpen. It has a precision, stainless

steel ball point tip. It withstands

rubbing without losing legibility

or brightness. This marker will work

when writing upside down. The Dalo

marker has an extra large aluminum

paint storage tube. It lasts longer.

The larger tube also makes it easier to grip with gloves on.


Available in medium and broad point sizes.


Colors: Black, red, blue, green, orange, white and yellow.


Miscellaneous Markers

Markwell distributes other markers,

valve-type, capillary, and refillable,

that are manufactured by Marsh,

Diagraph, Ideal and Universal. We

also sell Markal marking crayons

that are ideal for cold and damp

boxes found in the fishing and

chicken processing industries