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JY-250A/HSP-13 Stapling Plier
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A leading stapling plier for many applications due to it's unique combination of features.
  • Designed for the heavy use of light industry, checkout counters, dry cleaners, florists, etc.
  • Also ideal for use in businesses, the office and around the home.
  • Uses " or 5/16" standard office staples - available anywhere.
  • All chrome.
  • Can be fitted with retaining chain.
  • Can staple or pin
  • Easy to load

Applications include:

  • Checkout Counters, Retail Stores: Anchored by a chain, cannot be mislaid; reloads quickly and easily when required; uses any standard office staple; save on costly undulated staples; can staple or pin receipts; easy to manipulate.
  • Cleaners and Laundries: Use pinning feature with needlepoint stainless steel or monel staples; save on the use of safety pins; quick and easy one-hand operation; pinned staple easily removed by customer; needlepoint staples cause no marks or damage to clothing.
  • Photographic, Industrial, Corrosion Resistant Applications: Use stainless steel, monel or galvanized staples, " or 5/16" available in chisel or divergent point (SaberTooth); comfortable grip for prolonged use; easy reload.
  • Office, School and Home: Easy and quiet to use; uses any standard office staple; can staple or pin; easy reload.


Uses Markwell BRQ premium standard staples ,  or any standard office staple.  Also available are Markwell LQDP 5/16" needlepoint staples, and BRQ Monel wire 1/4" staples for ultimate corrosion resistance.