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L3 Series Staples
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For use in all Markwell L3 tackers, staples are heavy duty 0.050" x 0.020" (1.27 x 0.5 mm), with unique flat crown width approximately 7/16" (11 mm), normally available in galvanized steel wire, chisel point, 5000 per box. Some sizes available in “Quinpacks” of 5 boxes x 1000.

Selected sizes also available in aluminum, monel, stainless steel and phosphor bronze wires, in both chisel and divergent points. Some items may require special manufacture – please make inquiry.

Products available:

  • L3A-1/4" (6 mm): For tacking thin materials; ideal for tags and signs. Available in bulk 5M or Quinpack (5 x 1M) packs.
  • L3B-5/16" (8 mm): Available in bulk 5M boxes or Quinpacks (5 x 1M)
  • L3C-3/8" (9.5 mm): General purpose use; roofing and insulating, picture canvas on frames, upholstery.
  • L3M-7/16" (11 mm): Many special uses in production, shipping, display.
  • L3MF-1/2" (12.5 mm): For better holding, used in outward-clinch/insulation applications. Available in bulk 5M or Quinpack (5 x 1M) packs.
  • L3D-9/16" (14 mm): Used particularly in outward-clinch/insulation applications.
  • All galvanized staples are available in bulk boxes (5000 staples)