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L4-CS Outward Clinch Tacker
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Using the long-proven L4 tacker design, this adaptation also features a removable and easily replaceable out-clinch door, front loading, and all the contractor required quality of a professional tool.

Applications are expressly in the Insulation and HVAC industries, for stitching duct wrap. Also used for applying labels to cartons without penetrating the contents, firing range targets . etc.

Uses Markwell L4 Series 0.025 x 0.020 (0.62 x 0.50 mm) fine wire staples:
L4A-1/4 (6 mm)
L4C-3/8 (9.5 mm)
L4D- (12 mm)
Also L4D-1/2 (12 mm) stainless steel, made  in USA (meets all Federal specifications).
  • All hardened steel construction
  • Loads 160 L4 series staples
  • Wt: 2 lbs