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1. L3-OCA Outward Clinch Air Stapler
Markwell has introduced this light weight, versatile, industrial pneumatic outward clinch stapler based on its industry-leading L3-CS Manual model.
2. L3-Air Stapler
The Markwell L3-Air  pneumatic stapler was developed in response to the demand for a high-volume fine-wire stapler.  Uses the full range of Markwell L3 series staples
3. P-630 23 gauge Headless Pinner
A versatile patented headless pinner, the P-630 offers an adjust-free magazine for a range of headless pins up to 1-3/16" length.  This small tool will drive pins through the hardest woods, while leaving a near-invisible hole.
4.MP-650 23 gauge Pinner and Bradder
Pneumatic  headless pinner and brad nailer for 23 gauge pins and brads to 2" length
5. M95/16  95 Series 20 ga Stapler
Pneumatic 1/2" crown stapler for 20 gauge (similar to BeA 95) staples.
6. M90/40L  90 Series 18 ga Stapler
Pneumatic narrow crown stapler for 18 gauge (similar to Senco L and BeA 90 series) staples
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