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Similar to Arrow T50 Series Staples
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For use in Markwell G11 and G54 hammer tackers, and LT-1 tackers, and all relevant Arrow, Roberts and Rapid staplers. Interchange nomenclature is shown where required, and all staples are galvanized steel, packed 5M per box, 20 boxes per case.

Products available:

  • T50-1/4
  • T50-5/16
  • T50-3/8: (Roberts 10-110)
  • T50-1/2
  • T50-9/16
  • T50-3/8D: divergent point (Roberts 10-210)
  • T50-3/8: Multipack, packed 5 x 1M packs per box (special order)

All T50 staples equivalent to A-11 staples.