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G-50AB Hammer Tacker
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A rugged, truly heavy duty lever-actuated hammer tacker built with   outstanding features, and featuring a staple magazine enlarged to accommodate staples to 9/16" leg.

Rear loading, accommodates two full staple strips for less frequent loading. Compact, precision balanced for hours of one-handed fatigue-free use. Simplicity of design for long life of trouble-free operation. Non-slip handgrip.

Uses all staples similar to A-11 and T-50 series, in leg lengths from through 9/16.

Markwell staples offered:
T50-3/8 DP (divergent point)

And other brands as listed below


(1) all steel construction
(2) durable chrome-plated
(3) powerful
(4) easy to load
(5) comfort grip
Tool Specifications:
. Tool weight: 0.95 kgs (2 lbs)
. Staple capacity: 168 pcs (two full sticks of staples)
Rapid A-11, Arrow T-50, Rapid 140, Bostitch TRA700, Black & Decker 6000E, Senco H
Staple Length:
6 mm to 14 mm (3/8" to 9/16")