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G21/1 and G21/2 Hammer Tackers
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This industrial quality hammer tacker has been designed to be light and easy to use for those special applications requiring a lighter touch than the G-11 hammer tacker, but with all the same features: easy to load, and easy to dismantle if necessary, and a non-slip grip. Two models are available, differing only in the staples used: G21/1 uses A19 type staples to 3/8, while G21/2 is designed for JT21 or Markwell T207 type staples, ", 5/16" and 3/8 leg lengths.

G-21/1 uses Rapid A19 or Rapid 13 type staples

G-21/2 is designed for Arrow JT21, Stanley TRA200 or Rapid 53 type staples, , 5/16 and 3/8" leg lengths.