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G-14755 Special Hammer Tacker
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A specially modified version of the durable “neva-jam” G-54A hammer tacker, this tool has been adapted to use DuoFast 7500 series staples in sizes of  3/8", 1/2” and 9/16”.  Compact, precision balanced for hours of one-handed fatigue-free use.  Simplicity of design for long life of trouble-free operation.  Non-slip handgrip. Its easy load, and dismantling ability, make it a preferred economical tool over others in common use.  By using the same staples as much more costly hammer tackers, it becomes the natural addition to any tool population. Its primary application is in the Carpeting and Insulation Industries

Uses DuoFast 7500 or Bostitch STCR5019 series staples in leg lengths up to 9/16”.

Markwell offers staples similar to:

DF 7512 - 3/8”                       STCR5019-3/8"
DF 7512D – ½” DP               STCR5019-3/8" Stainless steel
(divergent point)                    STCR5019-1/2"
DF 7516 - ½”                          STCR5019-9/16"
DF 7518 - 9/16”.